The Collegio Carlo Alberto has signed several agreements with important local institutions with the aim of creating a higher education system which is able to attract in Turin the best students at national level.

The agreement with the Collegio Universitario "Renato Einaudi" envisages a strong cooperation between the two institutions and, according to it, the Collegio Einaudi hosts in its premises students of the Programma Allievi from outside Piedmont.

According to the agreement signed with the Scuola degli Studi Superiori dell'Università di Torino, the courses of both institutions are open to the students of the other one and credits are mutually acknowledged. Furthermore, the Collegio and the Scuola are committed to jointly organize promotional and teaching activities (including the exchange of professors).

According to the agreement between the Politecnico di Torino and the Collegio, the two institutions cooperate through the Programma Allievi, which from academic year 2010/2011 is open also to the Politecnico students. Through this cooperation some among the most brilliant students of the Politecnico interested in social sciences were selected.

Finally, the UNESCO-International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste and the Collegio cooperate with the aim of providing to selected students from developing countries a proper economic education. In particular ICTP committed itself to promote through its different branches the educational programs of the Collegio and to support the Collegio in the selection process. The objective is to further increase the quality of the Collegio’s students and their internationalization.