Placement & Careers

Accenture, AVIVA, Axpo Italia, BIP, DB&B Consulting, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Eurizon, Generali, Inarcassa, Intesasanpaolovita, KPMG advisory, MBA - Université de Nice- Sophia Antipolis IAE, Mediolanum Vita, Optima SIM, Sepehr Investment Bank, Sinloc, Studio Attuariale Gianluca Ottaviani & Partners, Symphonia Sgr Spa.

The Collegio organizes career days, meetings with its former Alumni and interviews to facilitate the direct contact between students and perspective employers. An internship concludes the program.

Students are perfect candidates for high-profile careers at the interplay between insurance and finance, with particular emphasis on regulatory compliance. They can act as risk managers, asset managers, actuaries, underwriters, business specialists and quantitative analysts in insurance companies, consultancy firms and regulatory bodies.