2017 Carlo Alberto Medal goes to Alessandra Voena

Alessandra Voena won the 2017 edition of the Carlo Alberto Medal.

Alessandra Voena received her BA in Economics from the Università di Torino in 2005, and her PhD in Economics from Stanford University in 2011. Upon completing her doctorate, she spent one year as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (during which she spent significant time doing field research in Lusaka, Zambia). In 2012 she was hired by the University of Chicago, where she is now Associate Professor of Economics. She has been a visiting professor at the Department of Economics and Cowles Foundation of Yale Univeristy. She is a Research Fellow of the NBER, a Research Associate of CHILD, and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of the European Economic Association and the Journal of Labor Economics. She also recently been awarded a prestigious Alfred. P. Sloan Research Fellowship.

Alessandra is a labor and development economist who contributed to the economics of the family in developed and developing countries, as well as the economics of knowledge and innovation. In the words of scholars who nominated her: Alessandra is an "Excellent empirical microeconomist with important work in the area of family economics." She "has made important contributions to the economics of family interaction using advanced econometric techniques." That is, "Alessandra is one of the leading Italian economists of her generation. […] She is a star."

The award ceremony will take place at the Collegio Carlo Alberto during the Fall semester.

Established in 2007 by the Collegio Carlo Alberto, the Carlo Alberto Medal rewards an Italian scholar under the age of 40 for outstanding contributions to Economics. Past winners are Nicola Persico (NYU, 2007), Enrico Moretti (UC Berkeley, 2008), Marco Battaglini (Princeton, 2009), Fabio Maccheroni (Bocconi, 2010), Oriana Bandiera (LSE, 2011), Veronica Guerrieri (Chicago Booth, 2013) and Guido Menzio (U. Pennsylvania, 2015). The winner is selected by a committee of distinguished scholars on the base of nominations submitted by economists throughout the world. This year, 38 nominations were submitted by 150 scholars. The Selection Committee for 2017 is composed of Penny Goldberg (Yale), Lars Hansen (Chicago), Alessandro Lizzeri (NYU), Rosa Matzkin (UCLA), Marco Pagano (“Federico II” Napoli), Jean Tirole (Toulouse) and Fabrizio Zilibotti (Yale).

"Da Torino a Chicago ma non chiamatemi un cervello in fuga", Repubblica June 11, 2017