M. Estevez-Abe, J. Hien and M.Hinnosaar win Grants and Awards

We are very happy to announce that three Collegio scholars have recently received awards and grants for their research.

Margarita Estévez-Abe, Carlo Alberto Chair in Social and Political Sciences, has been awarded a prestigiuos two-year Toyota Foundation Research Grant to conduct a new project on the Transformation of the Family in Asia.  The new project carries out a in-depth analysis of fice Asian countries (Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan), and places their family transformations in the broader comparative perspective.

Margarita has also won a Suntory Foundation Grant to organize a few workshops, which compare Southern European and East Asian welfare states, at Collegio Carlo Alberto during this academic year (2013-2014).

Then, Carlo Alberto Post-Doctoral Fellow Josef Hien,  who joined us in September after receiving a PhD from the European University Institute, has won the 2013 A.SK Social Science Award from Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. TheA.SK Social Science Fellowship is awarded in honor of academic work in the social sciences focusing on economic and government reform. More information is found by clicking on the following link:


Finally, Assistant Professor of Economics Marit Hinnosaar, who joined the Collegio in September after completing her PhD at Northwestern University, received one of the 2013 Young Economists' Essay Award awarded by EARIE, the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics for her paper "Time Inconsistency and Sales Restrictions."  This prize is "presented to young economists who submitted exceptionally innovative and high-quality papers for discussion at the [annual EARIE] conference." More details  is found by clicking on the following link: