Two CA Fellows win prestigious ERC Starting grants

Congratulations to Carlo Alberto Fellows Letizia Mencarini and Igor Pruenster for being awarded a ERC Starting grants. As it is well-known, these 5-year grants awarded by the European Research Council are extremely selective (for instance, in the 2011 wave only 5 grants were awarded to researchers in Italian institutions in the social sciences).

Letizia won the grant for a project "Subjective well-being and fertility." It is an interdisciplinary project about subjective well-being and demographic behaviour, with a particular focus on fertility in advanced societies, across time and space. It is motivated by the fact that European and other advanced industrialized countries have for decades experienced below-replacement fertility levels, which are now posing dramatic challenges to ageing population structures. In her project, she will be helped by two post-doctoral scholars (job announcements will be posted soon on the Collegio's Jobs and Fellowships page) and a doctoral student.

Igor won the grant for a project titled "New Directions in Bayesian Nonparametrics." It is a project at the interface of probability theory, statistics and computer science, with potential fallout in a number of disciplines and applied contexts, as Bayesian nonparametric methods are now understood to enjoy flexibility and effectiveness in modeling and analyzing complex phenomena. The grant also attests the excellence of the Statistics group that Igor has assembled at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the Università di Torino. Such group also forms the backspine of the Statistics Initiative that the Collegio has undertaken in collaboration with the Fondazione de Castro.