Research Incentives

Through monetary incentives, the Collegio Carlo Alberto encourages its full- and part-time scholars to publish articles in peer-reviewed international journals in the social sciences, or books with international publishers.

For details on the current program (established in 2014), including eligibility criteria, please refer to the 2014 Research Incentive Program Rules.

For the listings of recognized journals and publishers (each divided in three tiers: A, B and C), please refer to the 2014 Research Incentive Journal/Publisher Rankings.

For a listing of the publications that resulted from this incentive system, please visit our publications page.

Award request

To request an award, after the book/article has officially appeared in print (notice: online availability is not sufficient), please click on one of the following links and fill the linked form according to the given instructions.

LEGACY WORKS: Given the differences between the current program and the 2010 Incentives, scholars who were eligible for the 2010 Program are given the opportunity to request awards according to the 2010 Program for works that have been submitted for publication between 2010 and March 13, 2014. To do so, please visit the 2010 Program legacy page.

The Research Incentive Program coordinator is Paolo Ghirardato (