Chief Scientist and Chair

Collegio Carlo Alberto (CCA) is an active and young research community in the fields of economics, politics, sociology, quantitative methods and law. It currently hosts a majority of economists. It is an independent Foundation created by the University of Turin and the Compagnia di San Paolo to pursue scientific and academic excellence at the international frontier in research and graduate teaching.  CCA has its own faculty, but operates in strict interaction with the University of Turin.
CCA is funded by Compagnia di San Paolo, a private, grant-making Foundation under the Italian Law, and by international institutions. Its research community has been awarded several ERC and other EU competitive grants.


The position is for a 3 + 3 years tenure as Chief Scientist, which may be combined with a permanent or temporary full professorship in one of CCA’s scientific fields. Applications for the sole position of Chief Scientist might also be considered.

In her/his role as Chief Scientist the candidate will:

  • lead and coordinate CCA’s faculty in designing and managing research and education at CCA
  • interact with researchers in all fields at CCA and foster interdisciplinary work, supported by two or more field coordinators
  • oversee policy oriented research by CCA

As CCA places strong emphasis on both research and teaching quality, in her/his role as Full Professor at CCA, the candidate is expected to:

  • conduct research at the international frontier, publishable in leading international academic journals
  • teach 90 to 120 hrs. per year at CCA and at the University of Turin. 


The candidate

  • is a leading research figure in the areas of relevance of CCA, who actively publishes in top international journals
  • has a track record in coordinating research communities and projects and in obtaining research grants
  • has experience in interdisciplinary research
  • for candidates who are not economists, familiarity with Economics and a track record of research interactions with economists will be favorably considered. Equally, candidates who are economists are expected to show a strong attitude to cooperating with other disciplines in the social sciences.


The Collegio offers internationally competitive salaries, varying according to qualification, experience, and the level of involvement in the research and teaching activities at the CCA.


The closing date for this call is: November 30th 2015
Applications should be sent to:
They should include a motivation letter indicating which position(s) the candidate is interested in.

Shortlisted candidate will then be invited at the Collegio for a seminar and an interview in early 2016.

Collegio Carlo Alberto, September 17th 2015