Seed Money Application Form

Please fill out this online application form by typing your answers in the corresponding fields and by uploading the required files. The asterisk * indicates a required field. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button at the end of the page. A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address.

Please write to if you need assistance with this online application (the maximum size for each single file uploaded is 5MB).



PROJECT PARTICIPANTS (other then applicant's institution)


The proposal should outline the general plan of the work including:
i) A brief description of the state of the literature (max 2,000 characters).
ii) Research question and objectives (max 2,000 characters).
iii) The expected scientific contribution of proposed project with respect to existing literature (max 2,000 characters).
iv) The broad design of activities to be undertaken with explicit indication of the role played by each team (max 2,000 characters).
v) The role played by CCA seed money in enhancing the chances of acceptance of the proposed project (max 2,000 characters).


Download here the "budget" form
Line A: Travel expenses for preparatory meetings.
Line B: Feasibility studies including preliminary data collection and processing.
Line C: Other expenses.

Each proposal must contain a narrative budget justification of no more than 1,500 characters. The proposal may request funds under any of the listed categories as long as the item and amount are considered necessary, reasonable, allocable and allowable under the Collegio budgetary policy. Funds will be administered by the Collegio and will follow all the Collegio’s administrative procedures.
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