Research Incentives

The Collegio Carlo Alberto encourages international peer-reviewed publications, in order to increase its international recognition.

To this end, the Collegio provides Fellows, Affiliates and other qualifying memebrs of its research community with incentives to submit manuscripts to the most established scientific journals and publishers. Most of the incentive budget goes to publications in top ranking journals and presses (Tier A), a small share to top field journals and presses (Tier B) and an even smaller share to journals that have higher than average influence in a scientific area (Tier C). 

The international ranking for scientific journals is based on the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of Thomson Reuters, because the JCR database straddles all social sciences and affine fields. This feature allows the use of uniform criteria across broad scientific areas. More specifically, the ranking method employed for journals is based on the Article Influence Score (AIS) computed by the JCR, which accounts for the distribution of the journals within each scientific area. In comparison to other available indices, AIS: excludes self-citation, treats symmetrically references, whether received or given, is neutral with respect to the size of the field. Moreover, the value of the AIS has a straightforward interpretation in that an AIS value of 1 is the average influence in a given discipline, a value of 2 means an influence equal to twice the average influence, and so on.

For further details on the current program, established in January 2016, please refer to 

For a listing of the publications that resulted from this incentive system, please visit our publications page.


To request an award, after the book/article has officially appeared in print (notice: online availability is not sufficient), please click on one of the following links and fill the linked form according to the given instructions.

The AIS scores for journals can be obtained as follows (from a computer on the Collegio or University network): go to the Journal Citation Reports web site and type the journal's name in the "master search" box. 

LEGACY WORKS: Given the differences between the current program and the 2014 Incentives, scholars who were eligible for the 2014 Program are given the opportunity to request awards according to the 2014 Program until December 31, 2017. In such case, please visit the 2014 Program legacy page.

The Research Incentive Program coordinator is Paolo Ghirardato (