StaTalk on Bayesian Nonparametrics

StaTalks are one-day workshops on statistical topics during which the hosting group introduces and overviews the main research interests of their members.
Aimed at Master’s and PhD students, as well as at post-docs and young researchers, StaTalks are intended to be informal gatherings which allow for a more proficient interaction between presenters and participants. They typically feature some introductory tutorials on the main workshop theme and a few seminars that overview more advanced research topics, still kept at an expository level. StaTalks are thus a great opportunity to become acquainted with the workshop main topic, as well as to share and update one's knowledge on the interface of Statistical research in an easy and informal atmosphere.

The first StaTalk on Biostatistics was held in April 2015 at the University of Milan.
The second StaTalk on Bayesian Nonparametrics will be held on February 19, 2016, at Collegio Carlo Alberto.
The third StaTalk on Computational Tools for Statistical Modelling will be held in Spetember 2016 at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The topic of the second StaTalk will be Bayesian nonparametrics, a field of Statistics which has experienced a tremendous growth in the last few decades, both in terms of research production and in terms of impact of the discipline on the applications.
Collegio Carlo Alberto, which will host the event, is a research and high education institution which comprises national and international faculty members, research fellows and visiting scholars in the fields of Economics, Statistics and wider social sciences. The Collegio is sited in a historical building in Moncalieri, at the outskirts of Torino, and can be easily reached from Torino city centre with public transportation.

The StatTalk on Bayesian nonparametrics is endorsed by y-SIS, the young section of the Italian Statistical Society, and is supported by the “de Castro" Statistics Initiative in collaboration with Collegio Carlo Alberto.