2010 Research Grants

Eight projects financed by the 2010 call for proposals

In order to foster high-quality and policy-relevant research in Italy, the Collegio funds research projects in the social sciences, both theoretical and empirical. The 2011 call for proposals was launched in January, and 11 proposals were submitted.

All submitted proposals have been evaluated by a Selection Committee nominated by the Board of Directors. Availing itself of the help of external peer reviewers, the Selection Committee assessed innovativeness, the likelihood of generating interesting and useful insights, the potential to give rise to top-quality publications, the degree of interdisciplinarity of the proposed research, the curricula of the researchers involved, and the appropriateness of the financial plan accompanying each research proposal.

The following eight projects were recommended for funding:

Project title Primary Investigator
Parental and Public Investments and Child Outcomes Daniela Del Boca
Incentives Policies for European Research Cristiano Antonelli
Causes, Processes and Consequences of Flexsecurity Reform in the EU: Lesson from Bismarkian Countries Stefano Sacchi
Commitment in Bilateral Trade and Bargaining Dino Gerardi
Economic Consequences of Financial (il)Literacy Elsa Fornero
Green Economy Scenarios in the Mediterranean Region Bruno Contini
New Approaches to Stochastic Modeling in Economics via Bayesian Nonparametrics Igor Pruenster
Unexplored Determinants and Consequences of Legal, Illegal and Criminal Migration Giovanni Mastrobuoni

In future calls the Selection Committee has committed itself to the same excellence criteria, that is the 80/100 threshold, adopted in this first call.