Covid-19: funded projects

In March 2020 the Collegio launched an internal call for proposal that focused on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the economy and society at large. The call was very successful and the following projects have been funded.

Krzysztof Krakowski
Informal Policing, Return Migration, and Covid-19 Contagion

Pietro Garibaldi and Espen R. Moen
SIER Models Meet Pissarides

Daniela Del Boca, Noemi Oggero, Paola Profeta e Maria Cristina Rossi
Women’s Labor Market Work, Housework, and Savings before and after COVID-19

Ugo Mattei
COVID-19 from a comparative law and economics standpoint

Maria Laura Di Tommaso e Caterina Muratori
Does the anti-Covid lockdown policy leaves women alone in situations of increased violence? A gender-based policy evaluation.

Davide Morisi, Guillaume Kon Kam King e Max Schaub
Incumbency voting and the threat of Covid-19: the case of France

Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll e Ignacio Monzón
Coronavirus: an Early Warning System for its Socieconomic Impacts

Francesco Devicienti
Safer Global and Local Value Chains in the Coronavirus Era: Determinants and Effects for workers and Firms

Marco Tosi e Krzysztof Krakowski
The impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health: An analysis of depression-related emotions of Twitter users

Aron Szekely
Does Disease Threat Shape the Social Norms of Cultures? A Cross-Country Study

Francesco Figari, Carlo Fiorio, Roberto Quaranta e Stefano Sacchi
Welfare resilience at the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in Italy and Europe: impact on occupation, public finance and household incomes

Francesco Carbonero, Aldo Geuna e Sergio Schicchitano
Digitization of occupations in the COVID19 Pandemic

Elisa Luciano e Jean-Charles Rochet
The impact of Covid-19 on the insurance industry

Diego Gambetta e Davide Morisi
Blaming the blameless? Covid-19 and attitudes towards migrants in Italy

Filippo Barbera, Giuliano Bobba, Camilla Borgna, Moreno Mancosu, Antonella Seddone e Federico Vegetti
The impact of COVID-19 pandemic crisis on social and institutional trust

Matthijs Breugem, Raffaele Corvino, Roberto Marfè, and Lorenzo Schoenleber
Pandemic Tail Risk

Matthijs Breugem, Stefano Colonnello, Roberto Marfè, Lorenzo Schoenleber
COVID-19 and Market-Based Expected Growth. An Investigation of the German and Italian Outlooks

Pierluigi Conzo, Arnstein Aassve, Letizia Mencarini, Nicolò Cavalli and Chen Peng
Pandemics and social cohesion: Assessing and monitoring trust at the time of COVID-19

Camilla Borgna, Francesco Costamagna e Virginia Passalaqua
Covid-19 as an inequality challenge: Testing the EU response

Ylenia Brilli, Chiara Pronzato, Daniela Del Boca e Lucia Schiavon
All at home? The lockdown during the Coronavirus epidemic and family wellbeing