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2nd Carlo Alberto Stochastics Workshop

23 March 2012


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23 March 2012
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The “Carlo Alberto Stochastics Workshops” are a series of workshops held at Collegio Carlo Alberto as part of the “de Castro” Statistics Initiative. The 2nd edition will take place on March, 23, 2012, and the meeting aims at presenting some of the latest advances on


In the last decade, the use of algebraic and geometric methods in Probability and Statistics has led to relevant advances in Mathematical and Applied Statistics. The keyword Algebraic Statistics is used in particular to denote the special field of applications of modern Computational Commutative Algebra. For instance, Algebraic Statistics has been used first in non-parametric goodness-of-fit testing for complex models in contingency table analysis. Generally speaking, Algebraic Geometry is a nice tool to describe the geometrical structure of statistical models for discrete data. Moreover, polynomial equations describe the structure of confounding for fractions in designed experiments.

The talks of this workshop will focus on a special feature of Algebraic Statistics, namely the problem of Estimability. In the talks, the speakers will discuss the Estimability problem in several different fields, from log-linear models for contingency tables to fractions of designed experiments, to mixture models.