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Valerio Sterzi (GREThA, Université de Bordeaux IV)

16 April 2019 @ 13:30


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16 April 2019
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Academic Events

“Monetization Strategies of University Patents and Dissemination of Academic Knowledge”

Abstract: The pressure to extract rents from academic research results has led many universities to file more patents and to utilize a growing range of monetization strategies including selling patents to Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) and litigating them in courts.
We build a database of university patents granted by the USPTO and, for each of them, we collect information about the change of ownership and the litigation event.
Next, we conduct an econometric analysis on a panel data framework to demonstrate that the university patents acquired by PAEs receive, on average, significantly fewer citations after the transfer than similar university patents, indicating a post-transfer “isolation” of the relative technology. Our study provides novel evidence on the limits that the excessive patent monetization may impose on the diffusion and use of patented technologies that are derived from academic research.