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Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

SENIOR ALLIEVI 10.00 Lucia DonatoTitle: The Phillips Curve before and  after the Great Recession: What has changed 10.45 Martino BanchioTitle: Information Disclosure with Imperfect Identification

Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 10.00 Mariachiara BoTitle: Poisson Process and first passage times 10.30 Mattia Luchese Title: Maximum principle for elliptic pde 11.00 Fabio BuccolieroTitle: Theory of nodes SENIOR ALLIEVI  11.30 Laura RissoTitle: Preferential attachment random graphs: analysis and extension 12.15 Marco PontinTitle: Effects of social learning on consumer's quality estimates. An heuristic approach

Occasional Seminar CANCELLED: Seminar, Gabriella E. Sanchez (Arizona State University)

"The countering of migrant smuggling along the US Mexico Border and what it tells us about the European experience" At Campus Luigi Einaudi abstract Graphic images of migrant suffering in the context of irregular journeys, and narratives that blame the tragedy on migrant smugglers singlehandedly, dominate much of the EU coverage on migration. This level of…

Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

SENIOR DEFENSES 09.30 Gianluca SalvaraniTitle:  Home decisions and peer effect   10.15 Jacopo Tozzo Title:  APP effects on Eurozone countries 11.00 Riccardo BattistonTitle:  Employees and employers: evidence of a complex marriage 11.45 Alice Cortese  Title:  The power of jury verdicts under strategic voting. Simulation of a jury voting decision.

Occasional Seminar Neil Gandal (Tel Aviv University)

"Network-Mediated Knowledge Spillovers: A Cross-Country Comparative Analysis of Information Security Innovations" Abstract A large and growing literature has used patent and patent citation data to measure knowledge spillovers across inventions and organizations, but relatively few papers in this literature have explicitly considered the collaboration networks formed by inventors as a mechanism for shaping and transmitting…

Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

JUNIOR ALLIEVI 9.30 Pietro Ramella Title: The Lotka-Volterra model 10.00 Elisabetta Cappa Title: "The Effects of Public Debt on Economic Growth: the Reinhart-Rogoff Controversy" SENIOR ALLIEVI 10.30 Giulia OddoneTitle: Political competition with imperfectly informed voters 11.15 Simona Giglioli Title: The Effects of Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agent Models 12.00 Marco Schiavone Title: Stock return response to monetary policy shocks -…

Occasional Seminar Allievi Defense Session

SENIOR ALLIEVI 11.00 Alex SAJA Title: "Development of a mathematical optimization model for the automatic generation of manufacturing layouts" JUNIOR ALLIEVI 10.00 Cecilia ChiesaTitle: Beyond GDP: Social Progress Index 10.30 Marcello LancianiTitle: Majority Game Nash Equilibium on a Network with Communities 11.00 Michele ValinotiTitle: Cooperation in Evolutionary Game Theory  11.30 ZoppiTitle: The Insurance Ruin Problem