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Seminars in Statistics Jan Naudts (Universiteit Antwerpen)

Non-Commutative Information Geometry   Information geometry is concerned with the study of statistical manifolds. These are differentiable manifolds consisting of probability distributions. In the param- eterized case their geometry is described by a metric tensor and a pair of dually flat connections. In the more general non-parameterized case they are Banach manifolds. This area of…

Seminars in Statistics Kolyan Ray (King’s College London)

Estimating the mean response in a missing data model We study semiparametric Bayesian estimation of the mean response in a binary regression model with missing observations. We allow some dependence between the missingness and response mechanisms, which we assume are conditionally independent given some measured covariates (i.e. unconfoundedness). This model has applications in biostatistics and…