Long-Term Investors@UniTo (LTI@UniTO) is pleased to announce the availability of 8 Research Fellowships for the year 2020

LTI@UniTO is a think tank established as a joint initiative of the Università di Torino and of the major Italian market players in long term financing. Through the Fellowship program,
LTI@UniTO aims to foster research in long-term investing and to assess its features, perspectives, contribution to growth and stability.
The think tank supports independent research and informs the debate between long-term investors and policymakers.
Candidates must send their application (CV + research program, approximately 2 pages) to lti_applications@carloalberto.org before midnight, ECT, March 22nd, 2020. For further information, please contact lti@carloalberto.org.

Attached the Call for Fellowships