Paolo Ghirardato’s article “Differentiating ambiguity and ambiguity attitude” selected among the most influential articles published in the Journal of Economic Theory during the last 50 years

The Journal of Economic Theory (JET) has a new special issue celebrating its first 50 years. The lead editors of JET have collected in this issue 50 influential articles published in JET during the last 50 years.

Paolo Ghirardato’s article “Differentiating ambiguity and ambiguity attitude”, joint with Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci has been selected for this issue. This path-breaking article, published in 2004, has by now more than 900 citations. The paper is available here:

Paolo is Fellow of the Collegio and Professor of Mathematical Economics at the ESOMAS Department, University of Torino.

The Collegio congratulates Paolo for this prestigious achievement.