PhD in Economics, University of East Anglia

Research Interests

Applied Microeconometrics, Industrial Organization


Professor of Econometrics, Università di Torino

Selected Works

  • Firm Subsidies and the Innovation Output. What Can We Learn by Looking at Multiple Investment Inputs, Italian Economic Journal, 2, 31-35, with M. Cosconati, 2016.
  • Entry Dynamics and the Taxation of Corporate Profits: Evidence from Firm-level Data, Journal of Public Economics, 95, 1048-1066, with M. Da Rin, M. Di Giacomo, 2011.
  • Corporate Taxation and the Size of New Firms. Evidence from Europe, Journal of the European Economics Association, 8, 606-616, with M. Da Rin, M. Di Giacomo, 2010.

Carlo Alberto Fellow

+39 011 670 5013