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Giovanni Boggero


PhD in Constitutional Law, University of Eastern Piedmont "Amedeo Avogadro" (2015)

Research Interests

Constitutional and Comparative Public Law, Local and Regional Government, Public Sector Accounting

Selected Works

  • Constitutional Principles of Local Self-Government in Europe, Brill-Nijhoff, 2018
  • The Legal Implications of Sentenza No. 238/2014 by Italy’s Constitutional Court for Italian Municipal Judges: Is Overcoming the “Triepelian Approach” Possible?, in: ZaöRV 76 (2016), 203-224
  • The Establishment of Metropolitan Cities in Italy: An Advance or a Setback for Italian Regionalism?, in:  Perspectives on Federalism,  Vol. 8, issue 3, 2016

Post-doctoral Fellow

+39 011 670 5000