Principal Investigator

Claudia Villosio (Collegio Carlo Alberto)

Research team

Roberto Quaranta, Francesco Trentini (Collegio Carlo Alberto)


EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


October 2018- September 2021


Institute for Structural Research, Warsaw, (PL) -  Lead Partner.

Collegio Carlo Alberto (IT)

Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis (HU)

Foundation for Applied Economics Studies - FEDEA (ES)

National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies - INAPP (IT)

NHH Norwegian School of Economics (NO)

Paris School of Economics (FR)

University of the Basque Country (ES)

The World Bank


The project aims at evaluating employment initiatives targeting youth in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland. The participating countries share common challenges of high youth unemployment and low capacity to perform high quality impact studies of youth employment initiatives.

The project will evaluate two set of initiatives: outreach activities of Public Employment Services (PES) and job trials/job subsidies to different job contracts offered to youth, with a particular attention paid to gender dimension of policy targeting and outcomes. We will use harmonized methods of evaluation based on similar administrative data, which are little explored in Central-East and South European countries.

In addition, the project will build capacity in research institutions to implement evaluation studies of employment initiatives by creating a transnational research network on youth employment policies, internships for PhD students and workshops on evaluation methods for researchers from other institutions. It will also promote the use of impact studies among policy-makers.

More information on the Youth employment partnerSHIP project can be found at the project's website:

The "Youth employment partnerSHIP - evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland" project benefits from 1,8 million € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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Youth Employment PartnerSHIP: Introduction

Youth Employment PartnerSHIP: Italy

Youth employment situation in partner countries

Youth Employment PartnerSHIP: Spain

Youth Employment PartnerSHIP: Hungary

Administrative data use in the "Youth Employment PartnerSHIP" project

Gender dimension of youth unemployment