Long-Term Investors@UniTo (LTI@UniTO) is a think tank established as a joint initiative of some of the major Italian market players in long term financing and Università di Torino.

LTIs include foundations, endowments, asset managers, insurance companies, family offices and private-public partnerships, as well as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

LTI@UniTO aims to foster long-term investing in the real economy among institutional investors, growth and stability.

The think tank takes advantage of unexploited datasets and supports independent research, also to inform the debate between long-term investors and policymakers

LTI@UniTo organizes an executive education program to spread long-term investment values and competences.

Elisa Luciano is the Director of LTI@Unito.


LTI@UniTO director, Elisa Luciano, selected as a member of the EIOPA Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group (OPSG)

LTI@UniTo Finance Webinar Series


LTI launches a webinar series, that falls within Collegio Carlo Alberto new webinar series. Visit https://www.carloalberto.org/events/category/ltiunito-webinars-in-finance/ for program and registration.

  • Milo Bianchi, May 27th 2020 "Return Predictability and Long Term Investment: Experimental Evidence"
  • Sohnke Bartram, June 3rd, 2020 "Currency Anomalies"
  • Stefano Colonnello 10 giugno "Housing Yields" (con Roberto Marfè e Qizhou Xiong)
  • Fabio Moneta, June 17th, 2020: "Holding Horizon: A New Measure of Active Investment Management
  • Raffaele Della Croce, July 8th, 2020 "Investing in Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure"
  • Anastasia Kartasheva, July 15, 2020, "Insurance protection gaps and economic resilience to climate change"


Due to the recent Covid 19 Government guidelines our LTI Education Program will continue online.

At https://www.carloalberto.org/research/lti/executive-program-in-long-term-investing/ you can register to the following modules:

VI module - July 9-11, 2020
Rien van Gendt, Foundations and endowments as long-term investors
Francesco Agnes, Portfolio construction and risk management
Nick Moakes, Case study: Wellcome Trust, portfolio, risk management and ALM

The modules feature lectures from worldwide recognized experts on the topics.

For any further information please contact us at lti@carloalberto.org


"Climate change and credit risk"

The article “Climate change and credit risk” featuring our fellow Gianfranco Gianfrate was published on the latest issue of the Journal of Cleaner Production

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"Exiting from the crisis: the role of insitutional investors"

by Giuseppe Grande, member of the Scientific Committee of LTI@UniTO (La Repubblica, May 18, 2020). Fonti dell'articolo >> Fonti dell'articolo >>

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"Foundations, at the forefront against Covid-19"

by Rien Van Gendt, member of the Scientific Committee of LTI@UniTO (La Repubblica, April 6th 2020).

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