Working Papers

Carlo Alberto Notebooks, ISSN 2279-9362

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Antonio Canale, Antonio Lijoi, Bernardo Nipoti and Igor Prunster

On the Pitman-Yor process with spike and slab prior specification

No. 501 July 2017
Pietro Biroli, Daniela Del Boca, James J. Heckman, Lynne Pettler Heckman, Yu Kyung Koh, Sylvi Kuperman, Sidharth Moktan, Chiara D. Pronzato and Anna Ziff

Evaluation of the Reggio Approach to Early Education

No. 500 May 2017
Laura Bottazzi, Paolo Manasse and Sarah Grace See

Better Wed Over the Mixen Than Over The Moor? Break-ups of Inter-Ethnic Marriages In Italy

No. 499 February 2019
Cristina Solera and Teresa Martín-García

Education and Entry into Motherhood: Does the Field of Education Matter in Italy?

No. 498 March 2017
Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll and Zoe Kuehn

Immigrant Networks and Remittances: Cheaper together?

No. 497 February 2017
Toru Kitagawa and Aleksey Tetenov

Equality-Minded Treatment Choice

No. 496 February 2017
Christopher J. Flinn, Petra E. Todd and Weilong Zhang

Personality Traits, Intra-household Allocation and the Gender Wage Gap

No. 495 February 2017
Moreno Mancosu, Salvatore Vassallo and Cristiano Vezzoni

Prevalence and determinants of conspiracy theory believes in Italy: an exploratory analysis

No. 494 February 2017
Andrea Gallice and Ignacio Monzon

Cooperation in Social Dilemmas through Position Uncertainty

No. 493 December 2016
Dalit Contini, Maria Laura Di Tommaso and Silvia Mendolia

The gender gap in mathematics achievement: Evidence from Italian data

No. 492 December 2016
Augusto Rupérez Micola, Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll, Albert Banal-Estañol and Arturo Bris

TV or not TV? The impact of subtitling on English skills

No. 491 December 2016
Maurizio Cisi, Francesco Devicienti, Alessandro Manello and Davide Vannoni

The impact of formal networking on the performance of SMEs

No. 490 December 2016
Francesco Devicienti, Elena Grinza, Alessandro Manello and Davide Vannoni

Which Are the Benefits of Having more Female Leaders? Evidence from the Use of Part-Time Work in Italy

No. 489 December 2016
Francesco Devicienti, Alessandro Manello and Davide Vannoni

Technical efficiency, unions and decentralized labor contracts

No. 488 December 2016
Stefano Favaro, Bernardo Nipoti and Yee Whye Teh

Rediscovery of Good-Turing estimators via Bayesian nonparametrics

No. 486 December 2016
Marco Battiston, Stefano Favaro, Daniel M. Roy and Yee Whye Teh

A characterization of product-form exchangeable feature probability functions

No. 485 December 2016
Julyan Arbel, Stefano Favaro, Bernardo Nipoti and Yee Whye Teh

Bayesian nonparametric inference for discovery probabilities: credible intervals and large sample asymptotics

No. 484 December 2016
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