The Collegio for Ukraine

The Collegio Carlo Alberto joins all the international academic community in expressing our concern for the invasion of the democratic republic of Ukraine at the hands of Russia. War should never be the solution to any problem, and a war of choice, with the clear intent of toppling a democratically elected government, can only be unequivocally condemned.

For this reason, the Collegio is joining the effort by many to provide help to the citizens of Ukraine, who are the first victims of this aggression. We are evaluating a number of activities that pursue this objective, but our first initiative has been to offer a donation to the fund collection started by our sister academic organization Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), which is collecting funds with the aim of supporting humanitarian projects of Ukrainian NGOs that help vulnerable groups of people in Ukraine and those who cannot ensure independently their own safety. The community and the stakeholders of Collegio Carlo Alberto have raised Euro 7,000 to help the citizens of Ukraine.

For specific question on this matter, please contact our Dean, Paolo Ghirardato (