What are the most in - demand professional profiles by companies in Piedmont?

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The goal of the analysis is to understand the characteristics of personnel searches managed by the Public Employment Services in Piedmont. Among other variables, we are able to measure the economic sectors of the vacancies, the professional qualification level and the occupational profiles requested by firms.

The graph shows the most sought-after professions in Piedmont through public channels for personnel recruitment. The IOLAVORO channel is a portal where companies can directly post job advertisements. The CPI channel is a database managed by local Employment Centers, based on companies’ requests for specific profiles.

Project Leaders: Ainoa Aparicio Fenoll and Roberto Quaranta

Fonte: Data elaborations from the Piemonte Lavoro Agency

Source: La domanda di lavoro intermediata dai servizi pubblici per l'impiego piemontesi, An analysis of personnel searches managed by Employment Centers and the IOLAVORO job fair

Client:  IRES Piemonte 2022 - 2023