The DataLab supports scientific research and enables the study of key questions raising from both institutions and the private sector.

Understanding data is a strategic asset in a data intensive-world. DataLab is a space where novel data sets are stored and developed. It supports cutting-edge scientific research by providing infrastructures, software, and computing capabilities for fast and secure data analysis.

The DataLab draws from a unique pool of resources to provide world-class data analysis. It applies state-of-the-art insights from academic research to answer essential policy and business questions.

The DataLab matches the demand for data analysis coming from firms and institutions with the supply of research skills provided by researchers at the Collegio. It covers a wide set of scientific areas ranging from Micro to Macroeconomics, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence, Political Science, and Law.



  • Michele Chini

Current projects

  • Google Scholar scraper
  • OpenStreetMap Scraper
  • Map Visualizer

Current hosted projects

  • Analysis of administrative and statistical data for the evaluation and design of local public policies, referring to different contexts: labor market, education and training, internationalization (Client: Intellera Consulting)
  • Analysis and development of methodologies and procedures for the integration of databases to be used for the analysis and evaluation of economic and labor policies (Client: Istituto Nazionale per l'Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche INAPP)
  • Observatory on temporary workers - The research is aimed at setting up and developing an observatory on temporary employment with a specific focus on the demand for temporary workers and their professional paths (Osservatorio per il monitoraggio e l'analisi dei percorsi professionali dei lavoratori in somministrazione). Variables useful for the analysis of the employment dynamics of temporary workers, with respect to contract durations, hirings and separations, job titles, occupations, sectors of employment, types of contracts, personal and social characteristics and professional paths will be identified (Client: Studi Roma Tre e Assolavoro)
  • Analysis of professional needs in specific areas of the local production system; analysis of atypical work in the regional socio-economic context, from the supply and demand (Client: IRES Piemonte)

Past hosted projects

  • Project: “Una comunità che educa”. The project aims to provide methodological support for the construction of an integrated data set from administrative data for the analysis of the characteristics and needs of families with children in the age group 0-18 living in North Turin (Client: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo)
  • Project: "Technological evolution, skills and professions in the Province of Turin". Analysis of recent hirings in the province of Turin in terms of occupations, tasks and skills and in relation to the degree of routine associated with each occupation (Client: Turin Chamber of Commerce)
  • Project: “Professional needs and skills“. Use of data of the Regional Mandatory Communications (COB) for the analysis of professional needs and skills in the Piedmont Region in Italy (Client: IRES Piemonte)