The Bridge to an International Financial Career

Applicants hold (or are going to hold by December) a degree in either Economics, Finance, Maths, Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Data Sciences, or Computer Sciences.

Students with advanced undergraduate degrees (e.g., the Italian laurea magistrale or vecchio ordinamento, a 4-year Bachelor, or 3+2-year undergraduate degrees)  will receive both the II-level Master of the University of Torino and the Master of the Collegio Carlo Alberto. Students that do not qualify for a II-level Master (e.g., 3-year Bachelor holders) can be admitted, but they will receive only the Master of the Collegio Carlo Alberto.

Next deadline: June 15, 2024

A substantial number of merit-based partial and full tuition fee waivers are available.

Percentage of admitted students that received a tuition fee waiver amounting to more than 50% of the tuition fee in the last 3 Academic Years: 79%.


For further information please call +39 011 15630820 / +39 011 15630828 or write to Federica Gai / Irma Evola.

Auditors with suitable background may attend individual courses. There is no application deadline for auditors.


INPS offers scholarships to children of public employees and public retirees, to civil servants, and to orphans. The scholarships cover the total cost of the Master. For further information please call +39 011 15630820 or write to Federica Gai.


Annual tuition fees for the Master's program are €15,000. They are comprehensive of course material, use of the Collegio and University facilities, access to on-campus seminars, to the Library and online databases of the Collegio and University.

A number of full and partial tuition fee waivers will be awarded to applicants for financial aid, according to the admission ranking. Students can also finance their participation through students' loans. 


A fee of €1,000 is charged for each course.