About CCA Finance

CCA scholars have been carrying out research, education, and outreach activities in Finance for two decades, often within entities hosted at CCA. CCA Finance aggregates this work to promote synergies and make it more visible to our stakeholders.

Our expertise is vast. It spans from asset pricing to investments and governance. It covers insurance economics, corporate finance, household finance. We are keeping up with digital innovation and gradually developing knowledge in climate finance.

Our people are international scholars, often involved in policy, in close collaboration with regulatory entities and policy experts, industry professionals and a network of alumni from our selective graduate programs.

Our research and education programs in long-term financing foster sustainable investing in real activities among institutional investors. These activities benefit from the support and expertise of the Bank of Italy.

Our research on financial literacy, on pension funds and on investment and savings for the old age benefits from scholarly exchange with renowned institutions including the CEPR Household Finance RPN, GFLEC, Netspar and the OEE.

CCA Finance scholars present their academic research at top international conferences and strive to achieve publications in top scientific journals.

If you are one among our brilliant alumni, generous sponsors, fellow scholar, attendee of our events, visitor, or current student please send your comments and suggestions – as CCA Finance is always-in-progress-work for you…

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