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5th LTI@UniTO/Bank of Italy Workshop on Long-term investors’ trends: theory and practice

26 June 2024



26 June 2024
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5th LTI@UniTO/Bank of Italy Workshop on Long-term investors’ trends: theory and practice


The Long-Term Investors@UniTo (LTI@UniTO) initiative and the Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research of the Bank of Italy are organizing the 5th Research Workshop on Long-term investors trends: theory and practice.

The event will take place at the Bank of Italy, Rome (Italy). Franklin Allen (Imperial College London) is the keynote speaker for this edition.

A limited number of highly relevant contributed papers will be included in the program. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered for speakers, up to a maximum amount of 500 euros.

The workshop will bring together researchers and professionals working on long-term investors’ trends, both theoretical and applied, to discuss research papers and agendas. It aims at fostering interactions between economists and professionals. Contributions from young researchers and professionals are particularly welcome. All accepted papers will be discussed by an expert in the field.

The organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within the overall theme of the conference and in the following areas in particular:
– long-term investors’ strategies and behavior in times of tight monetary policy;
– portfolio allocation of insurance companies, pension funds, mutual funds;
– credit provision by banks, financial market turmoil, and the role of monetary policy;
– non-bank finance, private equity, alternative investments;
– the impact of pandemic and macroeconomic uncertainty on the insurance sector and the development of insurance and reinsurance products for the corporate and retail segments;
– shock transmission channels from the real economy to financial institutions and amplification mechanisms of shocks through credit chains, fire sales and other procyclical mechanisms;
– emerging asset allocation and risk management trends for long-term investors;
– big data and artificial intelligence to assess and manage exposures to risk factors;
– digitalization and its effects on the banking sector and on other long-term investors;
– new payment systems: Central Bank Digital Currencies, decentralized finance;
– climate risks, green finance, social and governance factors and their integration in the investment and risk management practices of long-term investors;
– de-carbonization and the role of long-term investors in fostering the green transition;
– developments in financial markets and opportunities for financial institutions;
– demographic transitions and their impacts on financial markets.

Both theoretical and applied papers will be considered. Only papers not yet accepted for publication should be submitted.
The submission deadline is April 19, 2024. Interested authors are invited to send an abstract or (preferably) the paper in PDF format to lti@carloalberto.org.
Submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail to the submitting author. Acceptance will be notified by May 2, 2024 at the latest.

The program will be organized by Pietro Garibaldi (University of Torino), Marcello Pericoli (Banca d’Italia), Luca Regis (University of Torino), Marco Taboga (Banca d’Italia).