PhD in Economics, University of Essex, UK

Research Interests

Intertemporal Saving/Consumption Choices, Retirement Decisions, Economics of Child Labor, Malnutrition


Associate Professor of Economics, University of Torino

Selected Works

  • Does consumption respond to predicted increases in cash-on-hand availability? Evidence from the Italian 'severance pay, Economics Letters (2009): Vol105, Issue 1, pp 127-129, with M. Borella and E. Fornero
  • The Effect of House Prices on Household Consumption in Italy, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (2009): vol39. Issue 3, with R. Calcagno and E. Fornero
  • Preschool Nutrition and Subsequent Schooling Attainment: Longitudinal Evidence from Tanzania, Economic Development and Cultural Change (2009): vol57, num 2, pp 239-260, with H. Alderman and H. Hoogeveen.

Carlo Alberto Fellow

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