CCA Finance Working Papers

Stefano Colonnello, Roberto Marfè and Qizhou Xiong

Housing Yields

No. 716 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Roberto Marfè and Julien Penasse

Measuring Macroeconomic Tail Risk

No. 715 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Matthijs Breugem, Raffaele Corvino, Roberto Marfè and Lorenzo Schonleber

Pandemic Tail Risk

No. 714 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Matthijs Breugem, Stefano Colonnello, Roberto Marfe and Francesca Zucchi

Dynamic Equity Slope

No. 713 February 2024 CCA Notebooks
Menachem Abudy, Daniel Nathan, Avi Wohl*

Mutual fund flows and government bonds returns

No. 20 February 2024 LTI WP
Elisa Castagno, Raffaele Corvino, ̊Francesco Ruggiero

The education premium in returns to wealth

No. 216 November 2023 CeRP WP
Elisa Castagno, Raffaele Corvino, Francesco Ruggiero

Skills, Education and Wealth Inequality

No. 215 November 2023 CeRP WP
Anna Lo Prete and Agnese Sacchi

Civic engagement and government spending: Lessons from global warming

No. 214 November 2023 CeRP WP
Michela Altieri*, Deyan Radev

Bank Resolution, Regulatory Arbitrage, and Systemic Risk

No. 19 October 2023 LTI WP
Henrique Ferreira Morici and Elena Vigna

Optimal additional voluntary contribution in DC pension schemes to manage inadequacy risk

No. 699 September 2023 CCA Notebooks
Ludwig Chincarini*, Renato Lazo-Paz, Fabio Moneta*

Crowded Space and Anomalies

No. 18 September 2023 LTI WP
Doron Avramov, Abraham Lioui, Yang Liu, Andrea Tarelli*

Dynamic ESG Equilibrium

No. 17 September 2023 LTI WP
Markus Broman, Fabio Moneta*

On the Anomaly Tilts of Factor Funds

No. 16 June 2023 LTI WP
Frank De Jong*, Demir Alperen Yilmaz

Are stocks good inflation hedges? Theory and evidence from the Turkish stock market

No. 15 June 2023 LTI WP
Pierre Lavigne, Peter Tankov*

Decarbonization of financial markets: a mean-field game approach

No. 14 March 2023 LTI WP
Elsa Fornero and Anna Lo Prete

Financial education: from better personal finance to improved citizenship

No. 213 March 2023 CeRP WP
Giovanna Nicodano and Luca Regis

Leverage and Interest Rates

No. 692 February 2023 CCA Notebooks
Alberto Bucci, Riccardo Calcagno, Simone Marsiglio, Tiago Neves Sequeira

Financial Literacy, Human Capital and Long-Run Economic Growth

No. 212 February 2023 CeRP WP
Stefania Basiglio, Andrea Ricci and Mariacristina Rossi

Bosses’ Impatience and Digital Technologies

No. 688 December 2022 CCA Notebooks
Paolo Di Martino and Fabio C. Bagliano

A dissonant violin in the international orchestra? Discount rate policy in Italy (1894-1913)

No. 682 November 2022 CCA Notebook