It is well known that advanced education has sizable positive feedback on research. For this reason, the Collegio is exerting ever increasing effort in its educational activities, most of which are carried out in collaboration with one of our founders, the University of Torino.

The Collegio is currently involved in both undergraduate and graduate education. At the undergraduate level, we partner with the University and the Politecnico of Torino to offer the "Allievi" Honors Program, which allows selected students - in Laurea Triennale and  Laurea Magistrale curricula of the partner universities - to receive a scholarship and advanced instruction in Economics and its investigative tools through additional English-language courses at the Collegio. Started in 2007, this is the only honors course with this emphasis in Italy, and we are very proud of the students that we have admitted over these years. You are encouraged to learn more by visiting our Allievi Honors Program overview page.

At the graduate level, the Collegio organizes four one-year Master’s degree courses, carrying out a long tradition started by the CORIPE consortium before us. The Master’s degree in Economics, which in its current form was established in 2008, is a program covering a wide scope of fields within Economics and shares most courses with the Allievi Honors Program (in its Laurea Magistrale years). The Master in Data Science for Complex Economic Systems offers various theoretical and empirical perspectives including complexity economics, agent-based simulation techniques, and the economics of innovation and science. The Master's degrees in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management is a professional program run in collaboration with the University (as “2nd level” Master’s degree). The same goes for the Master in Public Policy and Social Change (MAPS), an advanced ("2nd level") Master’s degree focusing on the processes of social change in European societies, and on the public policies that are needed to meet these challenges at the national, at the European and at the global level.

Finally, the Collegio is also involved in doctoral education. It hosts and sponsors two doctoral programs of the University of Torino, the Vilfredo Pareto Doctoral Program in Economics, which shares its first-year coursework with the Master in Economics, and the International Programme in Comparative Analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law (IEL).