The Social and Political Science group at the Collegio Carlo Alberto consists of 18 members in total. Seven of them were hired by the Collegio on the international market from top universities (one chair, four assistant professors and two post-docs); and eleven were selected from the University of Turin as Fellows (6) and Affiliates (5).

Our group conducts research in several areas of social and political science, such as migration, gender studies, social mobility, conflict, social norms, demography and trust. Members publish articles in top international journals and books with international University presses, and compete for major grants.

In our regular seminar series we invite international scholars, both established and junior ones. We are organising a high-profile series of lectures on “Democracy and its discontents”.

In 2020-21 we started a new SPS “magistrale” track in the Allievi Honors Program, which selects high-achieving students of the University of Turin.

We have PhD program in economic sociology joint with NASP at the University of Milan.