Daniela Del Boca, Elsa Fornero


Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Manuela Naldini, Maria Cristina Rossi, Claudia Villosio




The aim of the study is to examine the contribution of gender equality towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The study is undertaken on behalf of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and will be carried out by ICF Consulting Services Ltd (ICF) in association with Collegio Carlo Alberto, Cambridge Econometrics, The International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO), a team of national researchers with expertise in the area of gender equality.

The study will cover the macro-economic gains deriving from enhancing gender equality in the EU beyond the GDP such as unemployment, earnings, productivity, investment and competitiveness. It will also consider the transformative aspects of gender equality and the links between macroeconomic aspects and sustainable and inclusive growth. It will cover all 28 EU Member States.

Main stages of the study:

  • Phase 1: Review and overview of the current conceptual, theoretical and empirical approaches to measure the economic benefits of gender equality.
  • Phase 2: Selection and analysis of examples of specific methodological approaches to measure the economic benefits of gender equality to identify approaches which are robust and can be further used.
  • Phase 3: Development of a theoretical framework and a model to estimate future economic benefits of gender equality in the EU.
  • Phase 4: Testing of the proposed model empirically
  • Phase 5: Presentation of the collected evidence in a series of knowledge-products