The aim of the Impact Evaluation Unit (IEU) is to undertake evaluation studies of a wide variety of programs and policies. In our evaluations, we make use of solid scientific methodologies, possibly counterfactual. We work for Public Bodies and Third Sector operators, who increasingly need to understand whether their programs achieve their intended goals.

IEU encompasses a group of researchers of the Collegio Carlo Alberto, who are experts in labor, education, family and public economics. Our experts have experience on both empirical and methodological aspects of program and policy evaluation. Some of our evaluation studies have been published in Review of Economics of the Family, Cesifo Economic Studies, European Economic Review, Journal of European Social Policy.

Our working method implies that researches are involved in the design of the evaluated programs and policies from the beginning.

Results of the evaluation can teach the institution the magnitude of the effects of their programs but also signal potential issues and provide recommendations on how to make their programs more efficient.

Our main goal is to pursue high quality and rigorous impact evaluation studies. We also aim at creating a school where we teach state-of-the-art policy evaluation techniques to students and post doc researchers.

Scientific Directors

Daniela Del Boca
Chiara Pronzato


Claudia Villosio


Ainoa Aparicio
Stefania Basiglio
Flavia Coda Moscarola
Luca Favero
Magda Fontana
Martina Iori

Ilaria Malisan
Noemi Oggero
Paola Profeta
Roberto Quaranta
Maria Cristina Rossi
Lucia Schiavon
Giuseppe Sorrenti


Current projects

Past projects

  • Preparation of a pilot dataset on childhood boyhood and girlhood in Turin (Compagnia di San Paolo). Team: Roberto Quaranta
  • Feasibility study for an intervention of active labor market policy targeted to women at risk of vulnerability. Team: Claudia Villosio and Roberto Quaranta
  • Project “Closing the Gender pension gap by increasing women's awareness”. Team: Daniela Del Boca, Paola Profeta, Maria Cristina Rossi, Claudia Villosio
  • Evaluation of the program “Opportunità zerosei” (Compagnia San Paolo and Ufficio Pio). Team: Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Pronzato, Giuseppe Sorrenti
  • Evaluation of the program “ZEROSEI” (Compagnia di San Paolo) Team: Daniela Del Boca, Ainoha Aparicio, Flavia Coda Moscarola, Chiara Pronzato
  • Evaluation of the effect of the Selection Criteria in the Turin municipality Early Childcare System. Team: Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Pronzato, Giuseppe Sorrenti

Presentation of results of evaluation research in Conferences and Seminars

Presentation by Daniela Del Boca, "Parenting Styles and Child outcomes", CEPR VOX TALK  January 2024

Presentation by Daniela Del Boca, “Will: Importanza dei Programmi contro la poverta’ educative” CCA, November 2023

Presentation by Chiara Pronzato at the Nasp & CCA Workshop, June 22, 2022 | Download presentation
Workshop "Program Evaluation and Individual Outcomes", Collegio Carlo Alberto, June 10, 2022
Presentation by Chiara Pronzato on "The Impact of Household and Employment Programs on Household Welfare", Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, April 8, 2022
Presentation by Chiara Pronzato on "The impact of a Multifaceted Program on Fragile Adults. Evidence from a RCT in Italy", SIE conference, October 22, 2022 | Download presentation

Keynote speech by Daniela Del Boca at AIEL Italian Association of Labor Economists November 25, 2021 Download presentation
Keynote speech by Daniela Del Boca "Women and Mens' Work, Housework and Childcare before and during Covid-19", 5th Transforming Care Conference Ca' Foscari, Venice, June 24, 2021
Introduction by Daniela Del Boca "Donne e Lavoro: a che punto siamo?", Museo del Risparmio, Workshop on women economic independence, Nov. 11, 2021
Presentation "Misurazione e Valutazione del funzionamento della Pubblica Amministrazione", Banca d’Italia, Sept. 28 2021 Download presentation (ITA)
Presentation of the project output - CLEAR final conference, (online), Dipartimento Pari Opportunità, May 28 | Download Presentation by D. Del Boca | Presentation by P. Profeta | Presentation by MC Rossi
PRIN meeting "The Great Demographic Recession", Firenze, May, 10-11 > Download presentation
Webinar on "How parents skills affect the children time-muse?", TRIBE meeting, CEBI - University of Copenhagen, April 14, > Download presentation
Online Workshop on Fairness "Gender Inequalities in paid and unpaid Work during Covid-19", JRC European Commission, February 10 > Download presentation
Webinar Economics Tuesday "Investimenti, lavoro e occupazione: dal COVID al NextGenerationEU", University of Venice, February 23 > Download presentation

Presentation by Daniela Del Boca on "The impact of Alternative Cash Tranfers on Labor Supply of Mothers and Fathers", Labour economics seminar, HBS (January) | Download presentation
Conference "My Work. My Pension" in Slovenia (September, webinar) > Download presentation
IRES Conference "Officina delle buone politiche" (November, webinar)
IRES Conference on Gender equality "Le quote di genere nelle società quotate come strumento per garantire la parità" (November, webinar) > Download presentation
Conference "La valutazione delle politiche per la famiglia", ASVAPP (November, webinar)
Presentazione del progetto CLEAR, Museo del risparmio (November, webinar) > Download presentation
International Conference Fondazione Zancan “The challenges of outcome evaluation in human services” (December, webinar) > Download presentation

Conference NYU on Urban labor Markets (January , NYU-Abu Dhabi)
Annual Meeting of Household Economics SEHO (May, Lisbon)
Population Days, PAA Annual Meeting,  (March Austin, Texas)
Conference Collegio Carlo Alberto and Padua University (May 2019 University of Padua)
Webinar on Cash Transfers and Labor Supply organized by IHDSC - NYU
Conference "Actors in Child Development Process” CCA, May

4th Alpine Population Conference (Alp-Pop 2018) (January 14-17 La Thuille)
Annual Meeting of Household Economics SEHO (May24-25 Paris)
Conference on “Rigorous Impact Evaluation In Europe” (May 20-22 Collegio Carlo Alberto)
Seminar at Keio University, Tokyo University  (April)
Conference LISER on Child Care (June 8).


"Preferences, Parenting Styles and Children Outcomes" (D. Del Boca, F. Coda Moscarola and G Paladino) CEPR Discussion Papers 18261s and Notebook 697, CCA

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