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This section showcases ideas, projects, events and other initiatives proposed by the Allievi.

The Associazione Allievi

The Associazione Allievi della Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto was founded on 18th January 2019 by a group of current students of the Allievi Honors Program to help strengthening the relations and exchange of ideas among the Allievi and between them and the Faculty of the Collegio. The Association also aims at fostering the relations with the Alumni.

Governing bodies of the Association are the Board of Directors and the Assembly.

The association will organise events and activities for the Allievi or open to the public.

You can follow the Association on Facebook and Instagram (@associazione.allievi) or write to for more information.

The membership campaign for the current academic year will take place from the 6th to the 8th of February. Other information will be available soon via mailing list and social networks.
L'ambasciatore olandese: “Giovani, ottimismo. L’Europa (se non corre) non si distruggerà”

Joep Wijnands a La Stampa, intervistato dai ragazzi del Collegio Carlo Alberto

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