The Collegio has instituted the Carlo Alberto Medal to be awarded to a young Italian economist (resident in Italy or abroad) under the age of 40 for his/her outstanding research contributions to the field of Economics (broadly defined). Starting with the 2011 edition, the prize is biennial.

The recipient delivers the Carlo Alberto Medal Lecture and is nominated Honorary Fellow of the Collegio.


The prize represents the public recognition given to a young scholar for the scientific results attained. For young scholars at Italian universities, it provides a further incentive to pursue their research activity with renewed commitment. For Italian scholars who work at universities and research institutions abroad, the prize is a public recognition on the part of the country of origin.

Award Procedure

The prize is to be awarded to one person only. The award procedure consists of two phases:

Nomination: Economists of all nationalities are invited to submit their nominations. On average we receive over 350 submissions.

IMPORTANT: If you are an Italian economist under 40 and consider it possible that somebody else might be nominating you for the Medal, it would be very helpful to us if you could take 3 minutes of your time to fill a very brief questionnaire by clicking here

Selection: The Selection Committee chooses the recipient of the prize among the eligible nominees.

The Selection Committee for 2023 is composed of: Marianne Bertrand (Chicago Booth), Darrel Duffie (Stanford), Lars Hansen (Chicago), Alessandro Lizzeri (NYU), Rosa Matzkin (UCLA), Stephen Morris (MIT) and Fabrizio Zilibotti (Yale).

Paolo Ghirardato, CCA Dean, coordinates the nomination process and the selection procedure.


  • 2023: Emanuele Colonnelli
  • 2021: Stefano Giglio
  • 2019: Matteo Maggiori
  • 2017: Alessandra Voena
  • 2015: Guido Menzio
  • 2013: Veronica Guerrieri
  • 2011: Oriana Bandiera
  • 2010: Fabio Maccheroni
  • 2009: Marco Battaglini
  • 2008: Enrico Moretti
  • 2007: Nicola Persico