The Collegio Carlo Alberto organizes and hosts many scientific events. Some are addressed to specialized audiences, but a significant number of them are meant for a wider audience.

First and foremost, the Collegio organizes regular series of seminars in all the research areas that are represented at the Collegio. Seminars are talks delivered (mostly) by invited outside speakers, covering their current research interests. They are addressed to an academic audience.

A second activity devoted to specialized audiences are the conferences and workshops organized by Collegio scholars or by the research networks present at the Collegio. These typically center on some specific topic or research area.

International distinguished speakers are the centerpiece of our series of special scientific lectures, the biennial Carlo Alberto Medal Lecture (delivered by the recipient of the Carlo Alberto Medal), the annual Onorato Castellino Lecture (organized by the research network CeRP), and the annual Pareto Lecture. In these lectures, the speakers explain how their research helps us understanding economic reality and formulating policy recommendations. They are therefore meant for an audience which may include non-academics.

Scientific communication is the main focus of our Collegio Aperto initiative. Delivered by leaders in the academic and the policy worlds, the Collegio Aperto lectures are meant for the general public, and center on topics of current interest as seen from the perspective of the social sciences. In particular, the series of the Cavour Lectures on Public Policy, started in 2011 as our homage to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, focus on the issues facing Italy in the present years of great economic and social change.