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Il Collegio Carlo Alberto è un'iniziativa congiunta della Compagnia di San Paolo e dell’Università di Torino. La sua missione consiste nel promuovere la ricerca e la didattica nelle scienze sociali.



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  • Mario Pagliero

    studies the determinants of the selectiveness of entry examinations in licensed professions (e.g., lawyers and doctors) and its effects on consumer welfare. He has also worked on the effects of incentives and competition on individuals' risk-taking behavior and performance in organizations.

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    Mario Pagliero
  • Ugo Mattei

    Mattei’s research is highly interdisciplinary, and based on a bottom-up approach: among his works are both influential academic monographs on comparative law, international law and legal theory, alongside a number of books for the general public, which criticize the public role of the law, and argue for its re-orientation towards the paradigm of the commons.

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    Ugo Mattei
  • Fabio Montobbio

    is a scholar in Economics of Innovation. His research extends to the economics of patents, university technology transfer, the new economics of science and, finally, technology and development.

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    Fabio Montobbio
  • Mattia Guidi

    analyzes the causes and consequences of independence of regulatory authorities, showing that there is a positive relationship between independence and regulatory output.

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    Mattia Guidi
  • Ciara O’Dwyer

    conducts research in social gerontology. She is particularly interested in the organisation of care for older people and the use of regulation to improve their quality of life.

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    Ciara O’Dwyer

26 set - 1 ott 2016

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