The Allievi of the Collegio Carlo Alberto are academically outstanding students, enrolled either in a laurea triennale (Junior Allievi) or in a laurea magistrale (Senior Allievi) in Economics and related subjects at the University and Politecnico of Torino. The Allievi are expected to fulfil their university requirements, as well as participate in additional activities (tutorials and classes) at the Collegio.

Junior Allievi and Senior Allievi, who successfully complete their study program at the Collegio, are awarded, respectively, the Allievi Diploma and the Master's Degree from the Collegio.

The Allievi interact on a daily basis with faculty members, fellows and affiliates of the Collegio. Moreover, they have access to the Collegio’s facilities and scientific activities, such as seminarslecturesmaster's and doctoral courses.

Detailed information can be found in the downloadable Allievo Handbook.