Guarantee Committee and Confidential Counselor

Both the University and the Polytechnic of Torino have a Guarantee Committee and a Confidential Counselor (Comitato Unico di Garanzia - CUG).

The Guarantee Committee develops and carries out actions to promote equal opportunities, well-being in the workplace and non-discrimination.

The Confidential Counselor has the task of providing advice and assistance to anyone who has suffered from sexual or moral harassment or discriminatory behavior.

If you want to report an episode of discrimination that happened when you were at CCA, please write to


If you need counseling and you are part of the University or Polytechnic of Torino please refer to their counseling services:



If you need counseling and you are neither part of the University nor of the Politecnico of Torino (or you have difficulties in accessing their counseling services), please write to

Students hosted at Collegio Einaudi can benefit from guidance services, psychological support and other forms of assistance aimed at supporting learning, growth and personal self- fulfilment. All the services are free of charge: