The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) 2023-2025

The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) of Collegio Carlo Alberto is a document that aims to identify and implement innovative strategies to correct existing gender gaps. At the same time it defines goals and processes for monitoring the progress toward equality through the definition of indicators, where possible.

Specifically, it can be considered a strategic plan aimed to: (i) conduct impact evaluations to identify gender bias; (ii) identify and implement innovative strategies to correct gender bias; (iii) define goals and processes for monitoring, using indicators.

With the Communication of March 5, 2020 n.152, the European Commission, established the obligation to adopt a Gender Equality Plan for universities and all educational and research organizations. A GEP must provide 5 minimum areas of intervention, to which specific measures must be dedicated:

  • Balance between personal/professional life and organizational culture,
  • Gender balance in top positions and decision-making bodies,
  • Gender equality in recruitment and career progressions,
  • Gender mainstreaming in research and teaching programmes,
  • Fight against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.

The preparation of the Collegio’s GEP began in February 2022, and provided (i) an initial quantitative assessment of the data of Collegio and (ii) a qualitative assessment with 5 context interviews and 12 semi-structured interviews that allowed to identify the actions included in this document.

The Collegio’s GEP team work is composed by Cristina Solera (supervision), Federica Turco (project manager), Giuseppe Ialacqua (research assistant), Claudia Villosio. We also thank Maria Laura Di Tommaso, Manuela Naldini, Tiziana Nazio, Chiara Pronzato, Arianna Santero.

The Gender Equality Manager

The Gender Equality Manager is the coordinator of all gender policies developed within the
organization. In addition, it has an advisory role on all gender issues.

Specifically, its functions are:

  • Coordination of the different working groups on the GEP and supervision of its periodically
  • Coordination of communication and exchange of information between the various bodies, that,
    within the organization, are called upon to collaborate for the creation and maintenance of GEP
  • Presidency of the GEPIB, Gender Equality Plan Implementing Board
  • General monitoring of the GEP and the implementation of its activities.

The Gender Equality Manager of Collegio Carlo Alberto is Federica Turco.

GEP Implementing Board (GEPIB)

It is the committee responsible for the implementation of the GEP, chaired by the Gender Equality Manager (GEM) of the Collegio and is made up of:

President, Managing Director, Dean, and Faculty Council.

It meets approximately twice a year and works in close collaboration with the GEM for the implementation of Gender Equity Plans.

The Gender Equality Plan of the Collegio Carlo Alberto

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The Collegio Carlo Alberto has adopted the University of Torino's guidelines to ensure an adequate gender balance in all events

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