CCA involved in an impact assessment study with Italian Bishops’ Conference

The Impact Evaluation Unit at CCA, together with the research center Tiresia of the Milan Polytechnic and the law firm Legance, will partner with the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) in a social impact assessment project. The three institutions will help CEI to measure the impact generated through the resources of the 8xmille, a fiscal system where a percentage of the Italian citizens’ income tax is allocated to support religious institutions.

The resources gathered through the 8xmille enable the Italian Bishops’ Conference to carry out thousands of charitable initiatives in Italy as well as in developing countries, in the fields of worship, pastoral care and support of the clergy.

To increase its transparency on the funds received and distributed, the Italian Bishops’ Conference has activated a three-year study program with Tiresia, CCA and Legance, which aims to measure and report the intentional and additional impact generated by those resources.

Using a methodology based on the “Theory of Change”, the study will build and empirically validate an infrastructure able to measure, assess and manage the funds’ impact. The analysis will couple quantitative/qualitative research models with internationally recognized academic studies.

Read the press report (in Italian) on the Tiresia website.

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