Giovanni Mastrobuoni on Project Syndicate

Project Syndicate has published the commentary by Giovanni Mastrobuoni “Do Algorithms Help to Reduce Crime?”.

In this article, Giovanni Mastrobuoni draws from his recent research published in the Review of Economics Studies to show that a more widespread use of predictive-policing software improves the productivity of police officers, leading to more arrests of recurrent criminals, who are responsible for the majority of criminals offences. Moreover, predictions based on past individual behavior, like those used by the Milan Police Force, avoids potential algorithmic biases.

The commentary appeared on the PS website as well as on several news websites around the world.

Read the full article here.

This is the fourth contribution by CCA scholars published by Project Syndicate. Former commentaries were:

“Freedom in the Veil”, by Diego Gambetta (December 2021)

“The Right Recipe for Reforming Pensions”, by Elsa Fornero (December 2021)

“Can State Surveillance Strengthen Dissent?” by Krzysztof Krakowski (January 2022)