Collegio Carlo Alberto (CCA) is pleased to announce the second edition of the initiative aimed at funding research projects presented in response to the Horizon Europe programme Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – European Postdoctoral Fellowships, which have been awarded the Seal of Excellence.

This call is part of the Compagnia di San Paolo’s strategy for strengthening the competitiveness of Piedmont and Liguria in research and innovation through initiatives that promote the mobility of international researchers to these regions.

CCA seeks applications from candidates who obtained the "Seal of Excellence" in response to the programme Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – European Postdoctoral Fellowships and wish to implement their project at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in the area "Economic Sciences (ECO)" or “Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)” even if CCA was not indicated as the project Host Institution in the original application.

To apply, interested candidates should send by 31st of March 2024 the following:

  • The candidate’s CV and identity document;
  • Copy of the project presented to the European Commission in response to the MSCA Call (Part A and Part B);
  • Copy of the Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) received from the European Commission following the evaluation, stating the final score obtained;
  • Copy of the “Seal of Excellence” certificate issued by the European Commission.

All the above materials should be sent at the email address:

CCA will select the most promising applications to be considered for the Compagnia di San Paolo’s call.

In case of award successful candidates will carry out the(ir) research project at CCA for the same duration as foreseen in the original MSCA application, and (they) will receive a salary equivalent to the amount of MSCA fellowships provided by the European Commission. Where necessary – for example if the Host Institution in the original application was based in a different country –  the total award amount will be recalculated using the coefficient for Italy. The activation of the “family allowance” item will be evaluated at the time the grant is awarded, based on the fellow's needs.

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