PhD in Economics, Maastricht Univeristy

Research Interests

Economics of Innovation, Economics of Science, Science and Technology Policy


Professor of Economics, Università di Torino

Selected Works

  • Productivity Pay-offs from Academic Mobility: Should I stay or should I go?, Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol 25, pp.91-114, 2016, with A. Fernández-Zubieta and C. Lawson.
  • The Impact of Academic Patenting on University Research and Its Transfer, Research Policy, Vol. 40, pp.55-68, 2011, with G. Crespi, P. D’Este and R. Fontana.
  • University IPRs and Knowledge Transfer. Is University Ownership More Efficient?, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 19, No. 7, pp.627–648, 2010, with G. Crespi, O. Nomaler and B. Verspagen.

Carlo Alberto Fellow

+39 011 15630800