Short bio

Alessandro Profumo is Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo S.p.a. since 16 May 2017. He is also Honorary Chairman of AIAD (the Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security) since July 2017, Chairman of the Fondazione Ricerca & Imprenditorialità since February 2018, member of IIT Foundation’s Council (Italian Institute of Technology) and member of COMI (Italian Committee of Market Operators and Investors) within CONSOB (Italian Companies and Stock Exchange Commission) since February 2019; member of the European Round Table for Industrialists (ERT) since mid-2019; member of the Scientific Committee of the Banca Impresa 2030 Observatory since November 2019, President of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) since September 2020, Co-Chairman of the Italy-Japan Business Group since October 2020.