Andrea Pettrachin, PhD, is Postdoctoral Researcher at CCA. Before joining the Whole-COMM Project, he worked as Research Associate at the Migration Policy Centre of the European University Institute, on the H2020 Project ASILE and the ERC Project MIGPROSP, and at the University of Bologna in the ERC project “Processing Citizenship”. He holds a PhD in Politics awarded in 2020 by the University of Sheffield, supervised by Prof. Andrew Geddes. His research focuses on the interplay between migration (multi-level) governance, politics and policymaking. During his PhD he analysed policymakers’ decision-making processes during the ‘refugee crisis’, at both the local and national levels, applying qualitative methods and social network analysis. He has published articles on this topic in various international journals.

Selected Publications

– Pettrachin, A. (2020), ‘The Unexpected Dynamics of Politicisation: the Case of the Migration Crisis in Sicily’, Mediterranean Politics. Online first
– Geddes, A. and Pettrachin, A. (2020), ‘Italian Migration Policy and Politics: Exacerbating Paradoxes’, Contemporary Italian Politics. Online first
– Pettrachin, A. (2020), ‘Opening the “Black Box” of Asylum Governance: Decision-Making and the Politics of Asylum Policy-Making’, Italian Political Science Review (IPSR), 50: 191–212.
– Pettrachin, A. (2019), ‘When Asylum Policies Go Local: The Case of Socially Useful Works for Asylum-Seekers’, Italian Political Science, 14 (1): 1-20.