Coordinator for Social and Political Sciences, Allievi Honors Program, Collegio Carlo Alberto


PhD in Sociology, University of Oxford, 2015


Research Interests

Signalling theory, Social dilemmas, Social norms, Experiments, Agent-based modelling



  • Methods for Social Change and Policy Analysis
  • Socio-economic Topics: Public Goods and Cooperation Dilemmas


Selected Works

  • Székely, Á., Nardin, L. G., & Andrighetto, G. Countering protection rackets using legal and social approaches: an agent-based test, Complexity.
  • Andrighetto, G., Brandts, J., Conte, R., Sabater-Mir, J., Solaz, H., Székely, Á., & Villatoro, D. Counter-punishment, communication, and cooperation among partners, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience10.
  • Gambetta, D., & Székely, Á. Signs and (counter)signals of trustworthiness, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization106, 281–297.

Assistant Professor

+39 011 670 5236