Coordinator for Social and Political Sciences, Allievi Honors Program, Collegio Carlo Alberto


PhD in Sociology, University of Oxford, 2015

Research Interests

Signalling Theory, Social Dilemmas, Social Norms, Experiments, Agent-based Modelling


  • Methods for Social Change and Policy Analysis
  • Socio-economic Topics: Public Goods and Cooperation Dilemmas

Selected Works

  • Aggression, Conflict, and the Formation of Intimidating Group Reputation, Szekely A., Andrighetto G., Payette N., & Tummolini L., 2020, Social Psychology Quarterly, 83(1)
  • Does information about toughness decrease fighting? Experimental evidence, Szekely A. & Gambetta D., 2020, PLOS ONE, 15(2)
  • How dominance hierarchies emerge from conflict: A game theoretic model and experimental evidence, Przepiorka W., Rutten C., Buskens V. & Szekely A., 2020, Social Science Research, 86.

Assistant Professor

+39 011 15630843